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projects. The example content provides a solid and clean foundation to prototype an action RPG game, or any type of game with similar click to move mechanics. With some adjustments the Multiplayer TopDown Kit will also make a great base project for any MOBA/RTS style prototyping.

It does not include a full combat system. The fire spell example supports demonstrating the interaction between Players, NPCs, Objects and Destructibles.


Single Player and Multiplayer 100% supported.
Clean, efficient and easy to follow code.
Networked click to move action game input.
Light radius based fog of war system.
UI Template with Game States (Startup, Main Menu, Multiplayer Menu, Playing)
Network sessions for Finding, Joining and Creating games.
Basic Enemy AI with melee attacks and AI States.
Intractable objects that can be used, attacked and destroyed.
Player stat replication for health and mana.
Loads of AI Zombies! (64+)


Technical Details:

Technical Details: Number of Blueprints: 35 (+10 UMG)
Intended Platform: Desktop, Mac, Other
Documentation Included: Blueprints are commented and easy to follow.


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Picture Of This Project :

Multiplayer TopDown Kit

Multiplayer TopDown Kit

Multiplayer TopDown Kit

Multiplayer TopDown Kit

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