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Every asset in this package is highly detailed. It does not matter if your game is Third Person or First Person, they hold great quality even close up. Every model has 3 LoDs, with LoD switch distances being set manually, you don’t have any problems with quality nor performance. Take the advantage of filling your environments with these assets and instantly bring an AAA look to your game! There is also a 64 Kilometers Square landscape used for demonstration, with landscape paint layers to paint the landscape with. Other than these there are features like moving dust on the ground and moving cloud shadows.

Technical Details

PBR: Yes
Collision: Yes
LoD: Yes
Texture size: 1K – 2K
[1] Landscape
[38] Meshes
[6] Materials
[36] Material Instances
[5] Material Functions
[123] Textures (Including Albedo, Normal, MRA)

Note: MRA is Metallic, Roughness and Ambient Occlusion packed into a single RGB texture map.


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