Advanced Cel Shader Pack (For Unreal Engine 4) :

Advanced Cel Shader Pack

Free Download Advanced Cel Shader Pack For Unreal Engine 4



Version 2.0


This is the first major overhaul of the Advanced Cel Shader since its release in 2014 and represents a re-imagining of how cel-shading in games can be done. Redundant features have been removed and the shader has been refocused on core cel-shading functionality. This is the only cel-shader for Unreal Engine that provides results this clean.

Version 2.0 also includes functionality not seen in any other game engine post-process cel-shader:

Exclude items from shading
Exclude items from outlining
Invert outlining behaviour

The cel lighting model has also been re-done and is now faster, supports hundreds of simultaneous realtime lights, has easier implementation and provides more reliable results.

Cel lighting tutorial 1:

Cel lighting tutorial 2:


Also included:

Version 1.0


Mobile cel shader demonstration:

Documentation, tutorials and more screenshots are available at:

Technical Details

Designed for all platforms. Requires Mobile HDR to be enabled on mobile devices.


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Picture Of This Project :

Advanced Cel Shader Pack

Advanced Cel Shader Pack

Advanced Cel Shader Pack

Advanced Cel Shader Pack

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